"Brootle" Sound Pack

based on the track "Brootle" by Mad Zach, released on Deadbeats

key details:
  • 16 pad sound pack designed for live performance and/or studio exploration
  • created for Ableton Live Drum Rack
  • ideal for finger drummers and controllerists
  • compatible with any MIDI controller with a grid of buttons, including Midi Fighter, Ableton Push, Maschine, Launchpad, etc.

technical specifications:

  • digital download only, no shipping required
  • Ableton Live Project (v.10 and higher) with Drum Rack containing all one shots, pre-arranged, mixed, and ready to play
  • 16 x 44.1 24 bit WAV files


if you are not on Ableton, its also easy to grab the WAV's and throw them into your sampler or DAW of choice i.e. Maschine, MPC, etc.