Gevorg Dabaghyan and Mad Zach - A New Dawn Is Upon Us - WAV/MP3



ANTISPACE presents:
Gevorg Dabaghyan and Mad Zach
"A New Dawn Is Upon Us"

"Gevorg Dabaghyan changed my life with his celestial mastery of one of the most ancient and sacred instruments. I discovered his music first on YouTube and decided it would be the perfect “trip” companion. Suffice to say I was never the same… straight away I acquired a duduk and began studying."

It is said that Noah landed his ark on the great mountain of Armenia and although I’m not religious it still says something of this beautiful and ancient culture. The duduk is over 3,000 years old by historical accounts and although there are similar variants represented by neighboring countries, it is truly a national treasure of the Armenian people. It speaks to an instrument full of emotional maturity and transcendent spirituality that in fact predates Christianity by at least 1,000 years. Maestro Gevorg Dabaghyan is by all accounts the foremost duduk player in the world (as my friend Richard explains it… he is the Jimi Hendrix of duduk). He has been decorated by the President of Armenia as “Meritorious Artist of Armenia” as well as being recognized by UNESCO as preserving the duduk as a “masterpiece of intangible heritage.” He currently resides in Yerevan, where he has turned his skill into a passion for teaching others at the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan. In addition to gracing the world with such significant recordings such as the humbly titled “The Music of Armenia: Duduk” and collaborating with the likes of Yo-Yo Ma on the Silk Road project, he was most recently granted the title of “The People’s Artist of Armenia.” With all that said, it is my absolute honor to announce that after over a year of production ANTISPACE presents a new collaboration between Mad Zach and Maestro Gevorg Dabaghyan titled “A New Dawn is Upon Us.”