"Wide Open Force + Elevated Descent" Sound Packs


Wide Open Force + Elevated Descent

2 fantastic finger drumming sound packs for Ableton Live, after much refinement now available for you to play with and enjoy.

Fully loaded with advanced sound design and performance features including:

  • melodic rotations and round robin
  • multi-layer sounds
  • dynamic responsive programming

...not only super fun, but also provide a wealth of insight into the depths of sound pack production and design.

As always, the packs are completely modular. That means you can adjust, re-tune, and reconfigure to your heart's content. Including combing the two packs with each other for custom variations, or combining individual elements from the pack with others to create your own custom sound packs.

Digital download includes:

  • 1x Ableton Live Suite 11.3.21 Project
  • 2x Drum Racks designed for a 4x4 button/pad grid
    • Wide Open Force 
    • Elevated Descent 
  • 2x example performance midi clips

    Software Requirements:

    • Ableton Live Suite 11.3.21

    These two packs are perfect for any controller with a 4x4 or higher grid of buttons including but not limited to Midi Fighter, Ableton Push, Maschine (in MIDI mode), Akai MPD, etc.